Wednesday, September 6, 2023

AWTF22 taifun

One thing that greeted me on arrival to Tokyo was an unusual notification in Google Maps (see on the left). It looked somewhat scary, but then I remembered the amount of dangerous weather notifications that I get in Zurich that typically do not mean anything too unusual, and relaxed a bit. Imagine how much more relaxed I became when this note greeted me in my hotel room (see on the bottom-right).

So, maybe people with experience of Tokyo winds can share: how bad can it be?

In general, my approach to this trip is to avoid jetlag by living more or less on Swiss time. The contests start at 6:00 Zurich time, which is definitely early, but not outrageously so. Given that I'm here for just 4 days, it seems logical to not bother shifting the schedule by much, and to sleep 20:00-5:00 Swiss time (=3:00-12:00 here).

One of the benefits is that I get to do sightseeing in the evening, when it is much more pleasant outside, and there are less people everywhere. The flip side of this coin is that many places will be closed at night.

One particularly important challenge is getting food. Lunch happens during dinner time here, so it is not really an issue. I will be late for the hotel breakfast, but it will already be lunchtime, which means that I can get some lunch food in one of the cafes near the Shinjuku station (not sure if the lunch in the hotel restaurants will be quick enough to be in time for the contests). However, what to do about dinner? Any suggestions about where to eat in Tokyo at 1am? Bonus points if your suggestion comes in the next 2 hours ;)


  1. I reside in Taiwan, not Tokyo, and Taiwan also encounters frequent Taifun/Typhoons. The typhoon you're currently experiencing is not classified as severe. Thus, from my past experiences, the winds shouldn't be a major worry, although they may be stronger than usual. They might, however, affect air travel. If there are any concerns, they should primarily revolve around the rainfall. For instance, the 15th typhoon in 2022 caused a minor landslide and power outages in Shizuoka, Japan due to heavy rain.

    That said, Tokyo is a large and modern city, and since this typhoon isn't severe, it should generally be okay. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that I don't live in Tokyo, so I can't be 100% certain about the situation there. Just want to share some of my personal experience.

    1. Thanks for the info! The typhoon ended up not reaching Tokyo at all, as I understand, even though some flights were indeed canceled.