Wednesday, September 6, 2023

AWTF22 arrival

So, an onsite event unfortunately means a couple of long flights :) Can you guess which of the two photos is the Zurich airport, and which is the Tokyo airport?

Surprisingly, there were no signs announcing the AtCoder WTF at the airport — how could the airport forget to greet the participants? ;) Having encountered the Japanese reality both in a good way (the immigration was well-organized, and apparently there's even a way to fill all forms online in advance) and in a not-so-good way (apparently the tickets for some, but not all, trains can only be bought in cash, so I had to wait for the next train because there was no time to run to an ATM), I have almost arrived at the competition hotel. 
The competition itself takes place on Friday and Saturday, with two five-hour rounds currently scheduled. I do not know if those are just placeholders, but if not, that is quite a challenge for an individual event. I have a feeling that recently I do not get any problems accepted after the 2 hour mark in contests that last longer than 2 hours, so I will have to do very well in the first 2 hours of each day :)

There is probably a way to use Codeforces API to get a more grounded assessment of that feeling. Or maybe there is an existing tool that can help answer the questions like "what would my place be in Round X if it was over after 2 hours"?

Thanks for reading, and check back soon for more AWTF updates. And I'm sorry for the low fraction of the actual algorithmic content this week :)

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