Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ACM ICPC 2017 World Finals stream

ACM ICPC 2017 World Finals start tomorrow at 9:00 local time. There will be quite a few ways to follow the event, the most prominent being ICPC Live. Together with tourist and Endagorion, we have decided to provide another perspective on this competition: we'll try to solve the problems as soon as we get the statements (the rumor has it, we'll be able to submit on Kattis as well), and will stream our screen and our discussions on Youtube! Tune in tomorrow around the time World Finals starts, although we might start a bit later.

We're not sure how this will work out, and would appreciate any advice in comments! One thing that we're not yet sure about is whether we should talk in English or in Russian. The latter should be more productive and thus more realistic, but will naturally be harder to follow for most of the audience. On the other side, the sound quality might be so bad that it won't even matter :)

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