Saturday, December 1, 2012

NEERC 2012

Tomorrow is the day of ACM ICPC Northeastern European Regional Contest - probably the strongest semifinal ACM ICPC contest of all, home for 7 of the last 13 world champion teams. Best teams from Russia and ex-USSR, except Ukraine, gather in St Petersburg to select those who will go to the world finals, which will happen in St Petersburg as well this time, in July 2013.

There are many strong teams this year, but there are three teams that stand out (in my opinion): SPb NRU ITMO 1 (touristmikhailOKniyaznigmatul, combined TopCoder rating 8957, tourist and niyaznigmatul on the picture above, taken today at the practice session), SPb SU 4 (Dmitry_Egorovkuniavskiyeputons, combined TopCoder rating 8197) and Moscow SU 1 (SergeiFedorovSergeiRogulenkow_AleX_w, combined TopCoder rating 7877).

I will be doing a live blog about the contest tomorrow, here at The blog will be in Russian since most people watching the contest speak Russian, and I hope the Google translation won't be too bad :) Join me at 10am Moscow time tomorrow (Sunday, December 2, 2012). Time in other timezones:


  1. Ehsan Ghandhari10 May, 2013 11:33

    Are the given problems in English or Russian?

  2. Problems are in English according to the rules:

  3. I think that Saratov Su1 also can win the contest.

  4. Enteryouremail10 May, 2013 11:34

    O RLY?