Monday, January 10, 2011

SnarkNews winter series - 2011

I'd like to share another screencast: round 1 of SnarkNews winter series - 2011. Here's Torrent (preferable), Direct AVI. The rules of this contest are quite different from TopCoder and one needs to submit ACM-style programs through a web interface instead of using the TopCoder arena.

What is this series? You can find the rules at the "rules of the series" link above. Overall, this is (at least) 13th series of 5-6 contests, each presenting 5-6 problems for 1 hour 20 minutes (usually), with the timeframe to start each contest about a week. The problems are usually not new but are chosen to be unknown to most Russian competitors. The problem statements are often in Russian, so participation is usually limited to Russian speakers. However, if you want to practice your Russian skills, feel free to register and participate as described on the rules page. You've missed Round 1, but the remaining four rounds are still up for grabs.

The problems were on the difficult side of what usually happens in such contests this time, so the remaining four rounds should be easier on average :)

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