Sunday, May 13, 2018

Changes to commenting system

I've changed the commenting system in this blog from HyperComments (thanks to its authors for making it!) to built-in Blogger comments, because HyperComments is discontinuing free usage. In the past years Blogger has added support for threaded replies which was the main motivation for me to switch to HyperComments in the past, and using an external commenting system brought its own pains, so switching back to the default seems to be the logical thing to do.

Please tell if you encounter some issues with commenting using the new (old?) system!

One side effect is that all comments made through HyperComments are not visible now. I have an xml export of all of them, but it's not clear at this point how to import those back into the Blogger system. Please share ideas if you have them :)


  1. You can try asking your colleagues who work on blogspot how to import comments

    1. I don't think it's important enough to bother them :)