Tuesday, December 26, 2017

An empty week

There were no contests I'd like to mention during the Oct 30 - Nov 5 week, so let me use this summary for an audience question.

I'm planning to finish all summaries for 2017 during this week, and then put together a shortlist of best problems of 2017 to my taste, chosen from the ones I've highlighted in my blog, just like I did last year. However, the "to my taste" criterion is more important to me than "highlighted in my blog", so if you think you know a 2017 problem that I'd like a lot, but which did not get mentioned in the blog, most likely because I solved less contests and thus saw less problems, please mention it in comments!

I should also note that the New Year tradition of picking the best of the past year in competitive programming was pioneered and is still being pursued by Snarknews, so consider taking part in his (unfortunately, Russian-only, but maybe automatic translation is good enough these days?..) poll as well!

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