Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TopCoder Open 2013 Algorithm Finals day

The main event of the TopCoder Open - the algorithm finals - takes place today. Just 8 competitors, pictured above, will compete for the title. In the order of pictures: cgy4ever (China), Egor (Russia), peter50216 (Taiwan), Petr (Russia), rejudge (China), sdya (Ukraine), tourist (Belarus), wata (Japan).

There will be lots of live coverage. First of all, misof will continue his play-by-play commentary and problem analysis - check out his commentary for previous algorithm rounds here: The link for the finals will appear in that forum thread, too. Moreover, there will be live video broadcast with John Dethridge at And of course there will be live coverage on SnarkNews (, which appears to be down right now but will hopefully come back soon. Here is the translation of the cached version of SnarkNews TCO stats: link.

The finals start at 1pm Washington time. Starting time in other timezones: The live video broadcast will start 30 minutes earlier.

(all pictures from the official TopCoder Open website)

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