Monday, October 22, 2012

Time and venue for Petr Mitrichev Contest 10

There will be an online contest called Petr Mitrichev Contest 10. Problems are all mine, previously used in Petrozavodsk trainings for top Russian teams this September but not published elsewhere. The problems are not easy, but they are of different types and thus I hope everyone will find something interesting to solve. Both teams and individual participants can join.

I'm trying to choose the best time and place for the contest. My current proposition is: 15:30 to 20:30 Moscow time this Saturday, October 27 (in other timezones: Looking at the contest list at and the new Yandex contest site not mentioned there (, all weekends are very busy, but it looks like IFMO trainings are not attended by many teams this fall and thus overlapping with it is OK.

I understand that the contest ending time in my proposition is 1:30AM in Japan and Korea and 0:30AM in China. People from Japan, Korea and China (and from Asia in general): is that too late? I'd host it earlier but there's a contest on that ends at 15:00 Moscow time that was very popular last year (, so I fear many contestants from Asia will take part there.

For the venue, I propose

Please share your suggestions.


  1. The given time isn't too late for contestants in asia. Should work fine.

  2. I think it would be more comfortable at Sunday, because on Saturday, many people have lesson at colleges.