Sunday, October 25, 2009

Torrent for screencasts

Okay, time to revive the blog.

Let's start with two more screencasts. I've decided to try using BitTorrent to allow downloading my screencasts even when my server is offline (the previous solution had issues: files expire if nobody downloads them in 90 days). If you're familiar with BitTorrent, please use it to download my screencasts instead of direct links, and continue seeding them afterwards. The list of screencast torrent files I'm seeding will be up at I'll put all previous screencasts up there soon. Please report any problems you encounter or ideas you have about this.

SRM 446: Torrent, Direct Streaming, Direct AVI, Direct MOV. First of two consecutive SRMs where I didn't manage to solve all three problems, so you have a chance to see me frantically trying to complete the medium problem until the end of the contest, but needing several more minutes :( A nice successful challenge as well - the medium problem solutions were of that kind when you know they're wrong but coming up with a challenge is a problem in itself. Try staring at the same solutions as I did and challenge them yourself :)

SRM 447 was a real disaster. Ironically, I was in so bad form that I even forgot to turn on the screencast recording.

SRM 448: Torrent, Direct Streaming, Direct AVI, Direct MOV. Back to the alarmingly usual 2nd place form. The most interesting part to watch is probably squeezing the hard to run within the time limit (the final version worked 1.8s in the worst case, the first one didn't even manage to solve 40 cards case within 2s). And maybe handling the victory to ACRush in the challenge phase by doing an unnecessary unsuccessful challenge.

Later, the laptop I've been using for recording screencasts went under water and is no longer working. While I'm waiting for it to be repaired, there will probably be no more new screencasts, sorry.

Now, time to talk about something more serious. Stay tuned for philosophical posts about Gennady Korotkevich, Oleg Hristenko and OpenCup, and Moscow State University ACM preparation.

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  1. Totally looking forward to the remaining 2 of 3 announced posts :)